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Become featured in our community and get a handful of benefits that will give you the edge over any competitor in your local market. 

Audience To Your Events
Let us find the attendees for your next event.
Professional Video Interview
Lights. Camera. Action. Let us tell your story.
Featured Contributor Page
It's all about you with links to your most valuable content
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Become an industry leader by submitting articles.
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Show up at the top of local search results.
Accountability & Support
1-on-1 support, coaching & accountability included.
Educational events are one of best ways to warm up potential clients. Our platform makes it easy for people to learn about your services and schedule consultations.

Event Key Numbers

To use as a guideline here are some key metrics we are finding for our events across the U.S. Keep in mind this numbers can vary based on the presenter, event topic and market demographics. We will talk more about these numbers once you submit your application.


Of Registrations Attend


Schedule Consultations


Stay Until The End


Of Consultations Become Clients

Become An Authority

People do research before hiring a professional. What are they finding when they research you? How high are showing you in the search terms for your local area?

Structured For Success

Designed from the ground up to thrive in today’s unique COVID environment. Think of us an incubator that will provide you with easy to follow roadmap for how to predictably grow your firm.

Positioned As An Authority

Stand out from the crowd and highlight your strengths so prospects feel comfortable signing the dotted line.

Accountability & Support

Being a professional is hard. That's why we provide 1-on-1 attention to help you reach your goals.

Resources That Are Included

Educational Event Platform

Optimized for consultations. Get new clients with this innovate system.

Spotlight Interview Video

Video works. We record in HD and ask the right questions to bring your personality to life. 

Featured Contributor Page

An SEO optimized page prospects go to find your best content and contact you.

What Our Clients Say

“Our firm seeks to help those at or near retirement ensure that they have solid estate plans in place, and Spencer has built a community that has been invaluable in helping connect us with great clients. He works hard at making things work better and more beautifully, and he is always responsive, helpful, and upbeat. If you have the opportunity to work with him, I recommend it highly!"
Paul Abraham
Fairfax, VA

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